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"Follow your own star!" DANTE

This is the meaning of the STAR representation on this website.

The main symbol I choose to represent the Self & personal communication is the triangle; a 2-D shape which has 3 sides with all three angles equaling 180 degrees. This shape in 3-D becomes a pyramid shape. I feel this single shape is very powerful because it represents a unity of 3: Body, Spirit and Mind. Mathematically speaking, this shape has the ability to align to other triangles without losing its identity. In other words, other 'triangles' can connect freely. When 2 triangles meet, face-to-face, they either represent a diamond or an hourglass. A metaphor perhaps for a rough diamond, when cut and carried in time, increases in value, allowing its light to transpire. It is my hope and sincere wish that every One's light and brilliance can transpire over time by effective communication. I know, this wish is plenty idealistic but still it is my desire.

I have implemented all the colors of the rainbow. These colors have been carefully selected to suit each subject and each leaf of my work and my ideas which are founded on my experience.

Find out how stars are born, how they shine, and what might happen when you follow your own star!

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