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Introducing: Elisabeth Dols-De Rooij, Communication Engineer
Delivering tailor made communication, consulting and training services for World Citizens today in English.

"I firmly believe that through effective communication we can realize our personal objectives, academic purposes as well as organizational goals."

Elisabeth Margaretha Maria Dols-De Rooij, Communication Engineer

Specialization: Communication English  

Aim: building bridges between knowledge, know how, language and education

Considering: uncontrollable variables such as cultural, ecological, economical, educational, environmental, financial, geographical, judicial, political, societal, technological & universal factors

When an intrinsic approach to communication is applied, the learner’s proficiency in language, enables and enhances a dialogue. On a global scale, the English language provides an opportunity for man, missions and markets.

For a complete overview of my experience see my INTERNATIONAL CV and my References (also available in writing)


For further details, please contact

E.M.M. Dols-De Rooij CE
Mobile: + 31 (0)6 1278 1246
Skype: emm.dols

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E.M.M. Dols Communication-Realization is a Registered
Trademark in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce 14104463


My strength as a communication consultant & trainer derives from a bilingual background (Canada/The Netherlands) and 30 years of international management and marketing experience:

Business Unit manager at Regus plc

Retail Buyer for Natex gift store
Translator R & M Research & Marketing
Marketing Communications Siemens Canada
Marketing & Sales coordinator Faxon Canada

Since 2003 I have been teaching Communication English at various educational organizations.
This combination of experience has proven to be invaluable for my clients:
the speed at which I can deliver training courses, tailor made, as well as the learner’s acceleration and retention of language acquisition through introspection.

The power of authenticity and my leadership skills characterize consultancy & training services through needs’ analysis and Participatory Curriculum Design. My approach to language is intrinsic, creating an experience which leaves participants with a sense of impact.


“Elisabeth is skilled in 'connecting the dots'. During training sessions, she is able to zoom into her pupils' worlds. She understands their points of view and their concerns; she connects the relevant information that is given to her, sometimes in no uncertain terms, and then she gives relevant, powerful advise that has far reaching effects in her trainee's lives.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Ricardo Irias
hired Elisabeth as a Career Coach in 2010

Real Communication & Living English

In contrast with traditional and simulated language methods
Communication-Realization delivers tailor made communication training courses in English. These courses are purposely aimed at accelerating your capacity to communicate. On a global scale, the language English will enable your proficiency to enter international markets; but communication is the vehicle to enhance this opportunity and will create long term relationship between you and your potential employer or customer.

Personal Meaning, Clarity & Transparency

Human Communication Capacity + Knowledge + Context influence the effectiveness of your message. When personal meaning becomes transparent, the transmission of your message (output) as well as the interpretation (input) becomes crystal clear.

English for Specific Purposes

An interdisciplinary approach runs parallel to your needs and your goals for acquiring the second language English. Your motivation and your purpose are key and determine the objectives for the training course.

Technology as a Communication Tool

Online English sources create a portal for communication English.
Training courses include:
providing insight into a Worldwide Web of up-to-date specialist resources
dealing with information overload
reading strategies
identifying and selecting scholarly communication resources such as
Electronic Journals and Catalogues, list and reference desks, online dictionaries, search engines, internet directories and invisible web.

English as a Global Communication Tool

Ultimately, English provides access to a global knowledge economy. Here, English functions as the tool; but communication is the vehicle to create an international capacity.

Considering uncontrollable variables such as cultural ecological economical educational environmental financial geographical judicial political societal technological & universal factors: I aim to build bridges between knowledge, know how, education and experience

Target Audience B2B







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