IN - Communication-Realization

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Some synonyms for the word interpretation include:
analysis, apprehension, assimilation, awareness, clarification, comprehension, discernment, explanation, grasp, grip, insight, judgment, knowing, meaning, perception, reading, slant, translation.

In order to establish meaning in today’s World one has to understand its history;
every language has a history and so does man & a mission.

Consequently, to communicate effectively, whether face-to-face or through any communication device, openness is required as well as a connection on a higher level. The frequency (similar to a sound wave) transmitted between sender and receiver can realize a physical and energetic connection which transmutes over place and time.

To demonstrate the above, I have chosen a well-known equation.

The connection between Einstein’s voice and his expression on mass and energy and the velocity of light demonstrates the relationship between cause (theory) & effect (meaning). Indeed, the sound resonates over time.
Furthermore, the consequence (symmetries of space and time) has a magnetic effect which is of paramount importance to communication.

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