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Re-examining the role of organizations/managers in the development of building strong customer relationships today and instigating discussion by the respective participants

Training objectives are to:

re-evaluate the role of their customers as they pertain to the past, the present and future and how this evolution impacts marketing strategies;
re-create the role of the internal customers as it relates to gratification, creating customer satisfaction; by communicating the norms and values of the service company effectively throughout all organizational levels consistently;
focus on relationship development strategies – including quality core service, switching barriers and relationship bonds;
identify customer profitability segments as a strategy for focusing relationships marketing efforts. 

Current case studies will show evidence of public perceptions and expectations on quality in service organizations to date: examining these, the very principle of demand and supply will become transparent. The studies will also emphasize examples of the rapid development of technology, as a beneficiary and competitive tool in the telecommunications branch.

Note: the CRM course and its content is determined and developed by exploring up-to-date topics relevant to the service industry worldwide. Priorities are determined by research parameters of the specific attendees and their local sectors beforehand and by input of the group. 

Group work by mutual understanding and anticipating on increasing customer power may redefine our worldwide crisis; initiating and setting new objectives for Customer Relationship Marketing by rethinking the challenges and change involved.
Discussions on service representation up front gain insight into service trends such as participatory product & service design.
Presenting these findings will conclude the training to realize: communication is a key factor in any service industry, which starts at the top.

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