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These are the best of times!
A time of crisis is an opportunity for recreating yourself and your business.

The Training course ‘Proposal Writing’ explores the opportunities to win more business by writing longer business messages. The most important skill an independent consultant possesses is skill in marketing & communications. Consultants who compete aggressively in today’s global economy need a communicative edge and proposal strategies that can make all the difference. Proposals present an opportunity to create dynamic business collaborations. 

Proposal writing A - Z
Adapting the Three-Step Writing Process to proposals, you will be planning longer business messages for existing and potential clients, producing persuasive proposals and completing the proposal with accuracy.

Proposals in a global context
Composing the proposal by understanding and adapting to your audience, you will analyse and apply advanced strategies required for preparing winning proposals. 
Guidelines for devising proactive strategies are presented and such issues as page-limited proposals; how to get more details; and how to ask questions without defeating one's purpose are addressed.

Proposals & Purpose
Regardless of its format and structure, an excellent proposal explains how the recipient and his or her organization will benefit, what a project or course of action will involve, shows the project scope and required timeline, states which expertise will be involved, how much it will cost, and transpires a high level of professional commitment. 

The training incorporates the Best of the Web: taking advantage of technology tools that can help throughout the process and for writing proposals especially.

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