AFFECTIVE LANGUAGE - Communication-Realization

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“Language is characterized and communicated by emotion and I believe
so is learning.”

An excerpt of my paper Psycholinguistics: Approach-versus-Method (2005)
is presented here


“Quality is measured only over time and is not limited by quantification; evolving in circles,
aspiration surmounts grading and rises to an existential occasion.”

This quote has been inspired by students when talking about inspection of- and quality of learning.

Social language learning organisations such as Myngle are already leading the way; they are changing the rules of language education by the very principle of demand and supply, putting the learning experience first and producing user generated content.

The question I ask myself:
“Can (language) education, as it is today, sustain
or can a variety of online learning webs and networks present an opportunity
where both, traditional education and the for-profit education sector,
can rise  to the occasion and touch on a global capacity?”

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