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This website is created to support my message: Communication = Realization

As a Communication Engineer, I build bridges between knowledge, know how, linguistics and existence through communication.

English as a global language tool is my specialty.


Lectures on English Communication at intermediate and higher vocational schools;
Training courses in English for Academic Purposes such as pre-university education.

In cooperation with Nihil Admirari International B.V.
Communication-Realization delivers Career Development courses on location: tailor made and geared towards individuals striving to compete at management level in a global market.  

Furthermore, as a communication coach, I assist businesses in assessing their needs for effective communication in a competitive international landscape:  transforming marketing strategies and business plans into global communication tools which create long-term international relationships.

Publications by Communication-Realization will be announced on this website:

Wyman Eli , a novel, is the personal story behind my approach to language and communication.
Communication-Realization: Approach versus Method. This publication will explain the visionary approach in relation to language through introspection & reflection. Clarity, Credibility & Consciousness are key words in this book in order to accelerate an international communication capacity.
I hope you enjoy visiting my site frequently.
Should you require further details, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Respectfully Yours,

*Elisabeth Dols-De Rooij

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